Home Layout & Facilities

Ground Floor

Vestibule – the home has two large lounges one is at the front of the home were residents can relax and watch TV. The second lounge/dining room is at the rear of the building there is also a TV. There are three single ground floor bedrooms to the rear of the building. There are two toilets, a shower room and a wet room on the ground floor for easy access for the residents either mobile or in wheelchairs.

The downstairs area is very spacious were residents can walk around freely but they are never out of sight of a carer. The kitchen is situated just off the dining room area.

First Floor

There is a large bathroom with a hydro lift for bathing the residents and one toilet. There are two double bedrooms and one single bedroom.

Second Floor

There is one toilet – two single bedrooms and two double bedrooms.

All bedrooms are bright and cheerfully decorated, there is a hand basin with hot and cold water thermostatic controlled and radiator covers in bedrooms. Each bedroom is adequately furnished to a residents needs but this can be changed if a resident wishes to bring any items of furniture with them and screens are available for the double rooms. Each bedroom is fully carpeted with draw curtains and net curtains. We provide towels, soap, face cloths and or sponges for each individual resident. The resident can have a choice of a high bed or low bed to suit the clients need and ripple mattress are available when needed

There is a nurse call and alarm system throughout the building .Please note that should a resident wish for their bedroom door to have a lock then this can be arranged.

There is a small secure garden area to the rear of the building were residents can safety sit or wander outside and enjoy some fresh air also to the front of the home is a bench for residents to sit and relax under supervision.

  • Passenger Lift The home has a passenger lift – which can take residents to each floor in the building.
  • Personal services We have a visiting Hairdresser and Chiropodist
  • Laundry Service Undertaken in-house.
  • Visiting Visiting by relatives and friends is greatly encouraged, and no restrictions will be placed on this unless you particularly request otherwise. We have facilities for Residents to see visitors in complete privacy if they wish.
  • Pets We are happy to discuss requirements if the prospective resident has a pet they wish to bring into the home.
  • Car Parking Car parking is available to the front of the building.
  • Smoking Smoking is not permitted inside the home, we have an outside court yard for any resident wishing to smoke.
  • Hobbies, entertainment and activities We have a band who visits on a monthly basis and we encourage resident to participate in activities on a daily basis.
  • Religious observances The home has visiting clergy from all denominations.
  • Complaints All the residents retain the right to complain about any aspect of the service .
  • Fees Are reviewed annually an d are aligned with the Blackpool Borough Councils maximum payment.
  • Insurance The home is fully insured for public liability.