Our Mission

As stated we are a family run business caring for the confused elderly – our caring and experienced staff provide a high standard of care based on concern, dignity and respect. Our Mission which forms the basis of our care to our clients is detailed below:-

  • Our aim is to create an environment, which is beneficially stimulating for the confused elderly, by maximizing on individual potential, mobility and independence. Residents can enjoy a good quality of life in a secure and happy atmosphere.
  • These aims involve various activities that residents are encouraged with i.e. shopping for personal needs and clothes, remembering birthdays and special occasions.
  • We aspire to promote and maintain residents self-esteem with healthy diet, exercise and appearance.
  • We also help residents to retain citizenship and maintain contact with their religion, friends and relatives.
  • Residents are encouraged to bring personal possessions into the home such as photographs and keepsakes and these can be displayed in their bedrooms for them to identify with. We encourage residents and staff to interact together as much as possible within the working environment.
  • Our aim is to provide good wholesome food and residents are encouraged to help plan menus, but staff will keep an eye on the need for a balanced and nutritious diet. If clients have any special dietary needs such as diabetic, vegetarian or just simple likes and dislikes these will certainly be met. Meals can be served in the dining room or in client’s own room if they prefer.
  • To us, quality care means customer satisfaction and therefore our care provision is person-centered, being monitored and improved through satisfaction surveys and feedback from residents, their next of kin,visitors and staff.
  • Our residents are encouraged to maintain their preferred lifestyle in their new home environment. We wish to make you feel that you are amongst friends and family.
  • We aim to offer an outstanding standard of care from the moment of admission to the day of departure.

Our Values

  • To have personal dignity and privacy respected by others in every possible way, and to be treated whatever their disability or frailties as a valued person in their own right.
  • To maintain the independence of those we care for through encouragement.
  • To ensure cleanliness and warm, comfortable surroundings.
  • Nourishment through fresh home cooked meals every day.
  • Companionship with new found friendships.
  • Entertainment and activities to encourage personal fulfilment.
  • To ensure our residents feel safe and secure.